Kashat Ventures Studios is a platform for investing in, nurturing  and bolstering leading-edge Israeli Fintech startups to help them become business change agents in large US corporations.



Kashat Venture Studios provides a  unique opportunity to invest in phenomenal Israeli Fintech startups incubated and scaled-up in Atlanta, GA to deliver solutions to address specific curated needs and opportunities at US financial services and retail corporations. Kashat accelerates corporate  innovation efforts through introducing top-tier Israeli startups to the Atlanta arena, emulating what Cardlytics (Atlanta) did for BankAmeriDeals (BofA’s card-linked offer platform as an answer to Groupon) or Payoneer, the Israeli payments unicorn did for Atlanta’s based Merchants-e-solutions, airbnb Walmart and Orcale’s Netsuite .


The platform offers two main advantages:

  • Risk mitigation - investing in early-stage technology companies poses high  risk if one doesn’t buy into a group of companies, the chances of succeeding are low, Ergo, we offer a “basket” capping off risk.

  • Enhancing mutually constructive partnerships between large established companies and small innovative newcomers that rarely involve “and they lived happily ever after” scenarios. But the right foundation and mentoring Kashat offers can greatly increase their chances of success.

Financial Services companies in the US are keen to develop strategic and transformative partnerships with the powerful and disruptive class of startups called FinTech. This could be to accelerate corporate innovation, enhance existing capabilities or create new markets. FinTech startups come in all stripes: from slick front-end apps for customer acquisition to complex analytics around investments and trends to more rudimentary software and infrastructure for investing/trading, saving, lending, buying/paying and giving. While some of these FinTechs are aspiring to be challenger banks (or insurance cos) the majority of them seek to partner with financial services institutions to scale their technologies and their companies’ reach and impact. 


Kashat Venture Studios is a marketplace platform to enable (Israeli) startups become accelerants/change agents for (US) corporate innovation while providing the following incentives:

  • solving corporate fintech needs to improve services, build new capabilities to serve their clients and
    design and support new markets

  • attracting investment for scaling the startups in Atlanta/GA 

  • accelerating startups’ time-to-revenue (TTR)

  • nurturing economic development (jobs, tax revenue) and workforce development (e.g., GA Fintech Academy) opportunities in Atlanta/GA


Kashat Venture Studio offers:

  • Strong management team (co-located in Tel Aviv/Israel and US/Atlanta) founded by a coalition of successful (multi-exit) entrepreneurs, fintech evangelists, economic development and partnership/alliance experts and savvy investors

  • A bundled platform marketplace offering: 

    • directed needs analysis and problem solving for corporate innovation/transformation and an anchor alliance with the American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC) financial services companies (FIS, NCR, Incomm, Equifax, et al)

    • proprietary methodology for b2b startup Go-To-Market (GTM), Sales & Engagement and Delivery & Customer Success

    • Market focus on Israeli Fintech and southeastern US financial services corporations

    • Closed-end (perpetual, impact and equity) investment fund for family offices and wealthy individuals

  • Strong mutually-empowering partnerships with the American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC), GA Fintech Academy, Microsoft, KPMG Israel, Cognizant, Invest Atlanta, GA Econ Dev, Metro-Atlanta Chamber (MAC) and Center for Atlanta Progress (CAP) among others.


    These Israeli companies are close to market-ready or ready to scale. They have sufficient technical expertise in Israel for R&D. Kashat Venture Studios will offer them 

    • a platform for cutting-edge Israeli Fintech companies to mature into large US financial services companies in a measured, milestone-driven manner assisted by closed-proximity mentoring from embedded corporate domain experts.

    • a comprehensive Go-To-Market playbook along with Sales/Engagement & Delivery workshops

  • CURATED PROBLEM-SOLVING: Kashat Ventures Studios, with select industry partners in  greater Atlanta and the South-East region, will function as a catalyst for corporate innovation within large and small financial services companies anchored by our partnership with the American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC) whose members (FIS, NCR, Incomm, Deluxe, Global Payments, etc) who will be due-paying members of the Studio and the Studios 

    • will conduct listening sessions and workshops among the member corporates’ business units and curate their needs into a discovery thesis to discover Israeli startups that will solve for these needs.

    • (with partners) will provide corporates a sandbox environment to accelerate proof-of-concepts/pilots

    • will identify and engage corporate “sherpas” for domain expertise and mentoring/coaching startups

    • (unlike most Accelerator programs in the US that run for no more than three months,) offer a nine-month program (to match enterprise budget/sales cycles) which aims to support Israeli startups, open the US market for them and offer access growth capital (via both debt and equity).

  • EQUITY IMPACT INVESTMENT: Kashat will be a Closed-End Fund (LLC) and over a 4 year period get listed as a public investment fund [a Business Development Company (BDC)] to support and upscale Israeli Fintech companies in bringing high tech products and services to US companies and markets. The fund will facilitate perpetual impact investment and easier liquidity for its shareholders.

  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Kashat Venture Studios will partner with Invest Atlanta and Invest GA (Georgia’s Economic Development platform) and with local and state resources to drive business-creation and job-creation in the city and state.

  • WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Kashat Venture Studios will partner with the Georgia Fintech Academy (a state-sponsored workforce development initiative) to build Apprenticeship programs within the Studio.